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Rolling Accumulators

What is a Rolling Accumulator?

An accumulator is defined as "a collective bet in which the stake and winnings on each successive event are carried forward to become the stake on the next, so that both stakes and winnings accumulate progressively so long as the bet continues to be a winning one".

A "Rolling Accumulator" is largely the same but instead of picking all selections up front, all bets will be manually placed before each individual event.

How do tipsters use Rolling Accumulators?

Many tipsters, particularly on Twitter, appear to have misunderstood the purpose of a Rolling Accumulator. It is often treated as an orthodox accumulator for events taking place over just a day or two. If the information and the prices for all selections are available at the beginning of the bet, why not just make your selections and place a normal accumulator bet (thereby allowing the bookies to do the work, rather than placing every bet manually)? Some Twitter tipsters have missed the point entirely and their bets are no different to a manually-placed orthodox accumulator. The novelty is perhaps in placing each bet in stages but, in practice, it actually complicates things and creates additional work for the punter!

What are the advantages of using a Rolling Accumulator?

A genuine Rolling Accumulator allows punters to pick the best bets over an undefined period of time - not restricted to events for which prices already exist at the beginning of the bet. It also enables punters to withdraw some winnings midway through the accumulator before proceeding to the next selection.

What type of bets would you use it for?

It can be for any type of bet but, generally, it would be used because not all of the prices (or the necessary team news etc) is available at the time the bet begins. One might, for instance, wish to bet on Barcelona winning eight consecutive games. The punter would not be able to obtain prices for games that take place several days or weeks into the future and therefore a Rolling Accumulator would be the way to do it.

How will Cheeky Betting Tips use the Rolling Accumulator?

We will begin with reasonably low stakes (£10) but punters can decide for themselves how much they wish to stake. We will pick our best bet and, depending on the value available, we may need to wait for a day (or several days) before finding the next one. If you intend to follow, please be patient. We won't be parting with our money until a solid-looking bet is available.

How do we win?

If, and when, the returns get to £50, we will bank our initial stake of £10 and continue playing with the rest until we get to £100, at which point, we will bank a further £50 of the winnings and continue playing with the rest. We will then continue banking £50 every time the balance gets to £100 until it loses. Why? Because one of the main problems with Rolling Accumulators on Twitter is the target (£10 to £1k etc). Invariably, it will lose before reaching the target but significant profit may have been made before the eventual loss and it is irresponsible to let it all slip away.